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What Is the Social Security Hearing Process? September 25, 2018

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What Is the Social Security Hearing Process?, Rochester, New York

If you are applying for Social Security benefits due to a disability, the Social Security Administration will need to make a determination regarding exactly how debilitating your condition is. To do this, they will hold a hearing where you and your attorney will speak to a judge. While there is some variation in procedures, there are a few constants you can rely on.

What to Expect

Your hearing will be held in a small meeting room. After introductions are made, your judge will read about your Social Security claim to get a basic understanding of your case. Then, he will begin to ask questions. These will cover your medical history and treatments, your past employment, and the changes your disability has caused to your lifestyle. The most useful information you can provide is specific examples, without exaggeration or embellishment. After the judge has had his questions answered, he may also ask expert witnesses such as doctors for their testimony. You should expect to hear about the results in a few weeks.

How Your Lawyer Can Help?

AttorneyWhile you will be asked many questions directly, your attorney will also have a chance to make statements on your behalf. He may ask you some questions of his own—if so, he should prepare you for them in advance. Having a Social Security disability attorney to help with your case is the best way to ensure that your information is presented in an effective manner and none of the facts will be overlooked.


If you have a Social Security disability hearing coming up or need help preparing your application, contact James H. Sickelco, Attorney at Law. Based in Rochester, NY, he brings almost 40 years of experience to the table in Social Security applications and family law, real estate, and wills and trusts. To schedule a consultation, call (585) 546-3820 or send a message online.

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