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4 Ways to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger September 24, 2018

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4 Ways to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger, Ashland, Kentucky

For most people, the living room is more than just an open space. It’s the primary hang-out spot, a place where you relax at the end of a workday and where countless hours are spent catching up on your favorite movies or shows. While almost every apartment rental will have a living room, some will be smaller than others. While renters may not be able to remodel the space to make it larger, there are a few ways you can trick the eye to make the space feel bigger than it is. Here are a few tips to make any living room feel more spacious.

How to Make a Living Room in an Apartment Rental Feel Bigger

1. Get Rid of the TV Stand

Apartment RentalTV stands take up a lot of floor space, making even large living rooms feel small. Unless you have an old-school box television, you don’t really need one at all, and can instead make use of vertical space. Mount the television on the wall and install floating shelves to hold your game systems, DVD and Blu-Ray® players, and mount a soundbar directly beneath the television. This will free up floor space and make the room feel larger right away.

2. Ditch the Side Tables

If you have a coffee table, you don’t really need side tables taking up space on either side of your sofa. Get rid of them and replace any table lamps in the room with tall, free-standing floor lamps. This will increase the brightness in the space while also getting rid of large, unnecessary pieces of furniture.

3. Use an Area Rug

Believe it or not, adding an area rug in the main part of the living room can give the illusion of more space. The difference in color helps trick the eye into seeing more floor than there really is. Best of all, it’s the perfect way to enhance your current décor and add another non-permanent touch to the room. When you’re ready to move to a new apartment rental, you can take the rug with you.

4. Upgrade to Glass-Top Furniture

Large wooden tables can make even big spaces feel cozy, but in a small living room, they can make the space feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Instead, switch them out with glass-top tables. The clear top and sleek metal legs may take up the same amount of physical space, but since you’re able to see through them, the room will feel more open.


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