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How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Home September 14, 2018

Kenai, Kenai Peninsula
How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Home, Kenai, Alaska

Fences provide security, privacy, and decoration, and they come in different materials, styles, and shapes that suit a range of purposes. Choosing the right one for your home isn’t as easy as it might seem. There are many different factors to consider before scheduling a fence installation on your property.

Understand Its Main Purpose

Fences can be built to suit any function or appearance, so it’s important to decide why you need one. Chain-link fences keep pets contained, but wood fencing offers the most privacy. If you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, a wrought-iron or picket style would be a better option. Think about how to balance function and appearance—for example, a white picket fence with slats that are close together provides both beauty and privacy.

Create a Budget

fence installation Kenai AKThe cost for fence installation will vary depending on the length, materials, and labor. You should also think about long-term maintenance costs of each material. Before consulting a fence contractor, know how much you can afford to spend. The right professional will present customized options that address both your structural and financial needs.

Research Community Guidelines

If you live in a brightly colored home, it might be tempting to add a matching fence, but if you live in a planned community or belong to a homeowners association, regulations might prohibit it. These organizations often have specific rules regarding the types of fences that can be built on the premises. If you aren’t subject to any of these restrictions, remember that some counties require special permits for fence installations. The contractor will be familiar with these rules and accompanying paperwork.


For fence installation that will withstand Alaska’s unique climate, trust Four Seasons Fence Co LLC in Kenai. They’ve been custom building fences throughout the Peninsula for more than 15 years. Their team will survey your property and offer recommendations based on your preferences. Call (907) 776-5228 today to request a free estimate or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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