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3 Causes & Solutions for Low Tire Pressure September 13, 2018

Eastside, Paterson
3 Causes & Solutions for Low Tire Pressure, Paterson, New Jersey

Tire pressure plays a significant role in how safely your car navigates the road, and when it’s too low, you’re setting yourself up for an accident. If you notice that it’s suddenly lower than your car sensor advises without reason, it’s crucial to take a look and see why. In some cases, it’s simply age, while others can be related to punctures and by recognizing the cause.

3 Causes of Low Tire Pressure & How to Fix Them

1. Punctures

tireMany tire punctures go unnoticed because they’re slow-leaking. The minimal tears gradually allow the air out. Nails, for example, release several PSI each day. If your tire pressure sensor comes on, carefully examine each tire from every angle. If you can’t see punctures, you can spray soapy water on the tire to see where air is escaping. You may be able to salvage the tire, so speak with tire repair professionals once you’ve identified the puncture.

2. Leaking Valves

Air valves are designed to hold up, but impact trauma and over-tightening can cause them to leak air gradually. Always be careful of what touches them and never tighten them beyond what is recommended. If you’re losing tire pressure, try replacing the cap. If that doesn’t work, repair professionals will need to take a look to see if it can be fixed or if a new tire is needed.

3. Osmosis

Gradually, small quantities of air will pass through the tire via osmosis. This can result in losing one to tree PSI each month. The only way to resolve or prevent this is to buy high-quality tires. Always stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure the compounds used in it are designed to minimize osmosis.


21 Ave Tire Repair of Paterson, NJ, places an emphasis on educating their clients and provides various tire services. Whether you’re trying to fix an unknown issue or just need to pick up new tires, owner Roman Rodriguez and his team will work closely with you to diagnose and resolve the problem. They carry various industry-leading products, so call (973) 225-0923 if you’re ready to upgrade your tires or visit them online.

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