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A Guide to Maintaining a Productive Restaurant Kitchen September 14, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
A Guide to Maintaining a Productive Restaurant Kitchen, Honolulu, Hawaii

Running a restaurant is a monumental task that depends largely on the quality of your commercial kitchen equipment. By securing the right restaurant appliances and elements for your facility, you can be confident that your culinary space will run efficiently from open to close. Businesses in Honolulu, HI, rely on the high-quality products provided by AMSCO. The company’s experts explain what you need to run a productive kitchen.

5 Items Necessary to Maintain a Productive Restaurant Kitchen

1. Spacious Work Tables

Sufficient work space is vital to a highly functional kitchen. Stations dedicated to individual tasks, such as production and receipt of food, help minimize chaos in the kitchen and encourage better flow in each space. Make sure that prep spaces are situated in practical spots—many reserve space next to an oven or a fryer.

2. Protective Floor Mats

Minimizing potentially hazardous situations is equally vital to a smooth-moving commercial kitchen. Add non-slip floor mats to the space to ensure safety at all times. There will be many people walking through the kitchen, which increases the possibility. Mats soak up moisture and provide a safe surface for staff.

restaurant appliances3. Ample Storage Space

All commercial kitchens require storage to minimize clutter and keep shelf-stable and cold items at safe temperatures. Restaurants also typically receive large shipments of heavy boxes, which should be stored on low shelving to prevent potential falls. Storing items out of the way makes it easier to work efficiently without accidentally dropping or tripping over items.

4. Specialty Equipment

Specialty restaurant equipment makes it easier to maximize the usefulness of your kitchen, too. If you specialize in sandwiches, for example, using a toaster that services multiple slices is the best way to maintain efficiency and productivity throughout the day. Industrial kitchens can benefit from high-end coffeemakers, meat grinders, and other high-performance restaurant appliances. Take into account your specific needs, and add those to standardized equipment like dishwashers and refrigerators.

5. Proper Ventilation

A properly ventilated kitchen ensures a safe and healthy environment for your employees, which in turn contributes to a more productive culinary space. When selecting your restaurant appliances, take the time to ensure that the room is well-ventilated to prevent smoke and to remain compliant with legal guidelines.

Businesses in Honolulu, HI, rely on the professionals at AMSCO for restaurant appliances and commercial kitchen design. They carry everything you need to maintain a highly efficient, productive kitchen, from state-of-the-art cooking equipment to customized stainless steel fixtures that are designed to make your work space more user-friendly. These experts also install everything for you, ensuring that it works properly and meets your standards. Visit their website for details about their kitchen equipment, or call them at (808) 423-9631.