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How to Host a Beautiful Celebration of Life September 13, 2018

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How to Host a Beautiful Celebration of Life, Greece, New York

A celebration of life ceremony is a wonderful way to remember a loved one after they have passed away. This unique occasion brings friends and family together to acknowledge the deceased, sharing memories and support in the process. Generally held after the burial or cremation, this event offers more flexibility regarding the structure and focuses largely on telling the story of the departed’s life. There are many ways to hold a celebration of life all family members and friends will cherish. 

Address Practical Elements First

Since it doesn’t require the logistics of a burial or cremation, a celebration of life offers flexibility in terms of location. You don’t have to hold this in a church or cemetery. You can choose a place that was meaningful to the deceased, such as their family home or the garden they loved. 

A celebration of life is also free of the time constraints that come with putting your loved one to rest. This gives you plenty of time to send out invitations that set the tone—perhaps emphasizing a more positive, joyful aspect of the departed’s life and memory.

Finally, decorate with love. Did the deceased have a favorite flower? You can ignore the “rules” for funeral bouquets and fill the celebration space with the blooms they loved. Buy a rose bush or any other flowers they appreciated, to plant at your house or for their spouse.

Add Emotional Aspects for a Personal Touch

celebration of lifeThere are many ways to personalize a celebration of life. Ask those attending to share positive memories about the deceased, for instance—perhaps noting they will have the chance to do so in the invitation. You can also personalize the ceremony through decorations. Photos of the deceased are a wonderful addition. Playing music they liked can also remind attendees that this event is about celebrating the life the deceased lived—not mourning their loss. Above all, make sure you celebrate as your loved one would have wanted. Did they have any special requests or wishes regarding such a ceremony? Ensure they have been incorporated into the event. 


For help planning a celebration of life ceremony in Rochester, NY, put your trust in Arndt Funeral Home. Established in 1975, this full-service funeral home is still locally owned and operated. Their professional staff has the compassion and knowledge needed to guide you through the planning process and create an event that properly honors your loved one. Find out more about their history of service to the community online, and call (585) 225-6350 for help organizing the services.

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