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Top 4 Facts About Lead-Based Paint You Should Know April 1, 2019

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Top 4 Facts About Lead-Based Paint You Should Know, Fairfax, Ohio

Lead-based paint removal is an important process for any potentially-affected homes, especially those built during a certain period. This toxic substance can be found in a large number of homes constructed before 1978, and it takes more than your average home test kit to reliably determine if you and your family are in danger. Whether you're dealing with trace amounts of lead or severely high levels, here are a few key facts everyone should know.

Top 4 Must-Know Lead-Based Paint Facts

1. Lead Can Be Present Even if Everyone Seems Healthy

Just because family members seem healthy, that doesn't mean they haven't experienced the negative effects of lead, which include everything from general abdominal pain to memory loss and weakness. Prolonged exposure can exacerbate these effects and introduce depression, nausea, and other serious issues, so thorough testing and lead-based paint removal are essential steps.

2. Lead is Particularly Harmful to Children

These and other aspects of lead poisoning are especially dangerous to children, so having a home inspector check the environment for lead hazards is of the utmost importance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children show severe lead toxicity signs at lower levels, and even the act of tracking lead in on clothing may lead to lead poisoning in younger family members.

lead-based paint removal3. Remodeling & Renovating May Expose Lead Dust

Unless you've had thorough tests conducted, you may not know your paint contains lead until you start remodeling and renovating the home. These processes can expose contaminant-loaded dust, and breathing in lead exposes the body to a higher level of lead particle absorption.

5. Lead-Based Paint Removal is Not a DIY Project

There's no substitute for a professional home lead inspection, and the same goes for lead-based paint removal. You should never try to remove lead-based paint on your own. Not only does it expose do-it-yourselfers to a severe health hazard, it simply isn't possible for an inexperienced person to effectively remove all traces of lead in the area.


If your home needs lead-based paint removal, turn to the team at Rainbow Environmental Services in Cincinnati, OH. They have helped residential, commercial, and industrial property owners since 1990. Whether they're hired for lead-based paintwork, mold removal, or other services that improve indoor environments, each of their teams includes a certified supervisor and certified workers. Visit their website for more information on lead and its effects, and give them a call at (513) 624-6470 to schedule an appointment today.

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