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3 Advantages to Buying Cars at Public Auto Auctions October 22, 2018

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3 Advantages to Buying Cars at Public Auto Auctions, Queens, New York

If you’re on the hunt for a new car, you may wish to consider the merits of public auto auctions. Even if you’ve never participated in one before, many people find that these events are the best locations to find vehicles that fit both their desires and their price range.

Certain strategies, like researching the cars beforehand and setting a firm budget for yourself, will help prepare you to haggle with other potential buyers. Here are three advantages to seeking your next ride at an auction.

Several Benefits of Public Auto Auctions

1. Assured Quality

It’s in the best interests of the group that organizes the auction to ensure that only high-quality vehicles go up for sale. This draws buyers to their event and gives them a good reputation. For this reason, they often vet the vehicles beforehand, which means you’ll practically have a guarantee that all the vehicles up for bidding are in good condition.

2. Rare Cars

cheap used carsIf you’re looking for something specific and harder to find, an auction is the right place to search for it. Many a rare vehicle slips its way into public auctions, including vintage cars and older discontinued models. This makes auctions the perfect buying venue for both collectors and ordinary shoppers looking for cheap used cars.

3. Better Prices

Auction prices are often lower than typical market prices because of their clientele. Many of the people who attend these events are car dealers looking to refill the inventory at their lots. Because of this, they’re not interested in going high on their bids, which means you have the opportunity to nab cars for reasonable prices.


Searching for pre-owned cars in the Tri-state area? Queens Auto Mall has what you need. As both a public auto auction and a car showroom, they have the variety of vehicles and prices to guarantee that there’s something for everyone. Learn more today by visiting them online or call (718) 523-9090.

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