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A Guide to Changing Your Heating & Cooling System Filters October 8, 2018

Springfield, Erie
A Guide to Changing Your Heating & Cooling System Filters, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Changing your heating and cooling system air filter between service appointments keeps the equipment running efficiently year-round. While every home has unique needs, there are some basic rules every homeowner should know. Here, the contractors at Adams Heating & Cooling in West Springfield, PA, help you establish the ideal replacement schedule.

When Should I Change My Heating & Cooling System Filter?

heating and cooling systems West Springfield PAMost filters need to be changed every 30 to 90 days, but you should check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what they recommend. You may need to adjust the schedule based on your home’s environment. For example, people with pets will have extra dander, dirt, and fur clogging the filter, so they should check it every 30 days. If anyone in the home has allergies, then replacing the filter every 30 to 60 days will reduce the likelihood of airborne contaminants cycling through the home. A typical home that doesn’t have pets, family members with allergies, or intense system use can often wait the full 90 days.

How Do I Know If I Waited Too Long?

You should be proactive about changing your filter, but you should also be aware of the signs that it’s overdue for a replacement. If you inspect the filter itself, it will be gray rather than white or off-white like a new one. You may also see dirt built up on the outside. If the filter has been in use longer than the maximum the manufacturer recommends, it’s time for a replacement. You may also need a new filter if your family experiences allergy symptoms, your HVAC heating and cooling system cycles longer than normal, or your energy bills have risen without explanation.  

When your heating and cooling system needs maintenance or repair, trust the team at Adams Heating & Cooling. No job is too big or too small for their home energy experts, who will ensure your climate control system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. They are the preferred experts for homeowners throughout Erie County. Learn about their full range of services on their website. Call (814) 922-7786 to schedule a service on an existing system or a free consultation for a new system.