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5 Fun Activities That Don't Involve Alcohol September 11, 2018

Lorain, Lorain
5 Fun Activities That Don't Involve Alcohol, Lorain, Ohio

September is National Recovery Month, an observance intended to educate people about drug prevention, substance use treatment, and mental health services in their communities. Such initiatives help those with substance abuse disorders live healthy and fulfilling lives. If you have completed a substance abuse program, there are many ways to celebrate your sobriety this month that don’t involve the temptation of alcohol.

5 Ways to Celebrate Sobriety Without Alcohol

1. Go to a Park

drug preventionMeet a friend for a walk around the park, a track, or town. Take your dog, who will enjoy the outdoors as much as you will—especially if the outing is to a dog park. Studies have shown that being outdoors improves overall health and mental well-being by increasing Vitamin D levels and decreasing depression.

2. Catch a Movie

Check out local showtimes and meet a friend for a movie. Movie therapy is a real treatment, beneficial for positive thoughts and feelings. Movies provide a much-needed escape from reality while offering a fun way to connect with friends and family.

3. Take a Cooking Class

Drug prevention exercises can combine something as simple as eating and socializing with friends who support your sobriety. Better yet, ask a supportive friend or two to take a cooking class with you. You’ll all learn valuable skills while bonding over food.

4. Try a New Sport

Exercise releases endorphins—natural stimulants that improve happiness. You can take a yoga class, which supports relaxation and flexibility or join a team sport to make new friends while finding an outlet for your energy.

5. Rearrange a Room

Cleaning and redesigning your bedroom or another room serves multiple purposes. Not only does it keep you too preoccupied to think about drinking, but it’s also a necessary chore that can leave your home looking much improved, which boosts your confidence. 


When it comes to drug prevention exercises, there are many ways to have fun without indulging in alcohol. If you need help with your recovery,  The LCADA Way in Lorain, Medina, and Erie County, offers numerous services for those overcoming addiction. Compassionate counselors specialize in drug prevention education and treatment. Call (440) 989-4900 or visit them online for a full list of their services.

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