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Your Responsibilities After You Bail Someone Out of Jail September 25, 2018

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Your Responsibilities After You Bail Someone Out of Jail, Cincinnati, Ohio

Choosing to post bail for someone is a big decision that you should fully understand before signing your contract. By doing so, you agree to take on some responsibilities. The bail bondsmen at Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds in Cincinnati, OH, have explained what those responsibilities are so you know what to expect and can decide whether it’s a commitment you’re comfortable making.

What to Do After You Bail Someone Out

Your Defendant-Related Responsibilities

bailA bail bond is a contract in which the defendant—your loved one who has been arrested—promises to follow any instructions the court provides. This means that you are expected to ensure they attend their day in court, or every single court appearance if they are requested on multiple occasions. You are responsible for them following any other instructions that the court has provided, such as staying in the area. If they do not follow these instructions, you will be the one left with the financial consequences.

Your Financial Responsibilities

Even if your defendant follows all court instructions, you will be responsible for the cost of the bond. This is a percentage of the total amount, which will be listed in your contract. The terms of your payment will be determined with the agent.

If the defendant skips bail, you will have other financial responsibilities. You’ll be required to pay the entire bail amount, whether that means writing a check or giving up any collateral that you put down for the bail service. Some common collateral used could include a pink slip to a car, real estate, or valuables such as jewelry. You may also need to pay other fees, such as for the cost of a recovery agent who will track down the defendant and bring them back.

The team at Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds strives to make the bail process as easy and respectful as possible for you and your loved one. To accomplish this, they offer discretionary services and convenient payment plans for your bond or insurance coverage. Their helpful staff will answer any of your questions, so you fully understand the process and your responsibilities before signing anything. Learn more online and call (513) 721-3915 at any time to get started.

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