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Choosing Trials vs. Settlements After Being Injured at Work October 3, 2018

Batavia, Genesee
Choosing Trials vs. Settlements After Being Injured at Work, Batavia, New York

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be facing a significant financial challenge in the form of medical bills and lost income. Workers’ compensation laws are designed to cover these situations; but, as you file a claim, is it better to accept a settlement early in the process or push for a trial? The answer largely depends on your situation and priorities; below is a brief guide to the topic.


Injured at WorkThose who choose a settlement want to resolve the matter quickly. Those who go this route usually get payment sooner than those who go to trial. As such, the choice is particularly attractive to individuals facing immediate financial hardship. You will also have peace of mind with guaranteed compensation, as opposed to waiting for the outcome of the case. Keep in mind that companies generally only offer settlements if they think it will save them money—so, the amount you receive will likely be less than the possible sum won at a trial.


If you are injured at work and take a claim to trial, you are pushing for full payment of all the damages. With a compelling case, detailed documentation, and an experienced lawyer, many enjoy a full financial recovery and adequate compensation for any lasting disability. However, the process takes some time—often years—and, in the meantime, you’ll be shouldering the medical costs.


Have you been injured at work? A lawyer will help decide whether to accept a settlement offer or go to trial. Daniel R. McComb Attorney at Law offers quality guidance and aggressive representation to clients in the Genesee County, NY, area who pursue workers’ compensation, personal injury, and disability claims. To take advantage of his 35 years of experience across thousands of cases, call (585) 343-2250 today. Visit the firm online for more information about their background and expertise in this practice area.