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Understanding the Difference Between Marketing Agencies & Advertising Firms September 12, 2018

Glassboro, Gloucester
Understanding the Difference Between Marketing Agencies & Advertising Firms, Glassboro, New Jersey

As a business owner, increasing your company’s visibility is key to generating traffic and gaining return customers. While word of mouth will certainly give customers confidence in your services, there are other ways to optimize your ad dollars such as working with a marketing agency or an advertising firm. However, you need to understand the difference between these companies before you can grow your brand. 

Marketing Agencies

marketing agencyA marketing agency improves a company’s visibility by developing web content based on current logo designs and existing themes. Their team will go through any existing marketing materials, blog posts, ad copy, and product descriptions to optimize every page for search engines. This service makes it easier for customers to find a company online and helps attract new client when they search for similar services. Though some agencies will also be able to help businesses advertise, they don’t typically specialize in this type of support, making them less ideal for customers who need to focus on consistent branding and promotion.

Advertising Firms

Advertising firms help businesses develop cohesive brand messaging that differentiates their company from competitors. These agencies understand how best to communicate a brand’s values to prospective clients and create unique and eye-catching promotions that reflect the business’s logo and overall mission, thus attracting new customers. Branding and advertising are a huge component of any marketing strategy, and without a solid theme in place, other marketing efforts will be harder to enact.

Which Is Best for Your Business?

Advertising should always be the first step in your marketing plan. As such, it’s best to look for an agency that focuses on building your brand and creating an aggressive and successful advertising campaign. Look for an agency that can provide both brand consulting and web design as well as help you develop digital marketing strategies. Just make sure that the company understands that brand recognition and implementation of design should always come first.


Bridging the gap between marketing agency and advertising firm, Clearbridge Branding Agency in Glassboro, NJ, understands that brand consulting and design are what make a business thrive. They will help you translate your ideas into a solid, multi-channel strategy that covers everything from advertising and web development to search engine optimization and logo design. No matter your industry, they’ll take the time to understand your company’s unique vision and help you reach your goals. Learn more about their work online and call (856) 327-4141 to schedule a consultation today.

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