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3 Gravel Products Commonly Used in Construction Applications September 12, 2018

Victor, Ontario
3 Gravel Products Commonly Used in Construction Applications, Victor, New York

From providing traction in driveways to securing foundation materials, gravel products are used for various residential and commercial applications. Size, shape, and texture of the stone go a long way in determining what is best-suited to your needs. To help decide, here is a look at how different gravel products are used in construction projects.

3 Gravel Products Used on Construction Sites

1. Pea Gravel

gravel-productsBecause of its multitude of colors and polished finish, pea gravel is often used to add depth, texture, and warmth to landscapes. It’s possible to find materials to complement the vibrant colors of foliage as well as hues on the property facade. The stones are typically found next to streams and river banks where the rushing water polishes the texture. The smooth surface makes pea gravel shock absorbent and comfortable to walk on, which is why it is also used to construct dog parks, children’s outdoor play areas, driveways, and walkways. The fill spreads easily, so larger stones and vegetation are used to contain it in specific areas.

2. Crushed Stone

Large rocks are pulverized with machinery to create crushed stone. Made of limestone, dolomite, granite, marble, or slate, the individual pieces vary in size and are rough, sharp, and durable. The material provides a sturdy surface to pour concrete foundations and roadways. The stone layer also helps drain water away from porous concrete. During excavation, crushed stone is used as backfill to hold piping installations in place.

3. Crusher Run Limestone

Crusher run limestone and other gravel products can be ground to the point that they have a consistency and texture a bit coarser than sand. The fine material includes dirt particles, which adds to its durability. The material compacts easily, which is why it’s often used to secure patio pavers in place.


If you need high-quality gravel products for residential or commercial construction, you’ll be impressed with the selection of stone as well as clay, topsoil, sand, and crusher run materials at Syracusa Sand & Gravel in Victor, NY. The sales associates are happy to share product details and provide delivery services to help keep your project on track. To inquire about the inventory of sand and gravel available in Ontario County, call (585) 924-7146. A representative is available to answer questions. Visit the company online to see product photos and Facebook for project ideas.

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