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What Computer Upgrades Will Extend the Life of Your Machine? September 12, 2018

Cedar Grove-Lynbrook, 6
What Computer Upgrades Will Extend the Life of Your Machine?, 6, Louisiana

With constant advancements in technology, the time will come when your Apple® computer is too old to run new software or install operating system updates. However, there are a few computer upgrades you can invest in now to improve operation, thus preventing premature equipment failure and the need for a new machine. Below is a brief guide to what computer upgrades will extend the life of your investment. 

How to Make Your Computer Last Longer

Install More RAM for Faster Operating Speed

Random access memory (RAM) is what allows you to run multiple programs, download files, and perform additional tasks simultaneously. It stores data temporarily. This means you don’t have to run files directly off the hard drive, which slows operating speed. If operation slows when using several programs and browsers at once, there might not be enough RAM to go around. However, you can add more RAM to the computer’s motherboard to give the operating system a boost. This will decrease load times, prevent large files from crashing, and reduce the strain on your machine. 

Store Large Files on an External Hard Drive

Shreveport-Louisiana-computer-upgradesIt’s not uncommon for laptop and desktop owners to have several rarely used files taking up space on internal hard drives. Moving the data to an external hard drive for safekeeping will provide more permanent storage space on your machine. This will prevent the computer from failing to save work or crashing during operation. 

Use Cloud-Storage Solutions to Hold Data 

If you are worried about an external hard drive getting lost or damaged, you can choose to store data on a cloud storage provider’s remote server. Original copies of large files are stored off-site, which can be accessed through internet networks. This computer upgrade allows you to delete files from the internal hard drive to create more space.


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