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4 Reasons Homeowners Need Dead Tree Removal Services September 25, 2018

Marshan, Dakota
4 Reasons Homeowners Need Dead Tree Removal Services, Marshan, Minnesota

As welcome additions as trees are to properties thanks to the beauty, privacy, and insulation they provide, there comes a time when they may need to be removed. For example, professional tree removal is highly necessary if your tree is dying or dead to avoid numerous complications, some of which could be fatal. 

Why You Should Schedule Dead Tree Removal Immediately

1. Maintains Curb Appeal

Dying and dead trees mar pristine landscapes. Their unsightliness can even affect the neighborhood aesthetic if they are in your front yard. If you wish to sell your home, dead trees have the great potential to put off buyers because of their effect on curb appeal.

2. Prevents Spread of Disease

tree removalIf your dead tree suffered from a disease, it could harm other greenery on your property. Powdery mildews and other spores spread easily on the wind to possibly wipe out the other woody perennials helping keep your yard green and beautiful. Dead and dying trees also attract pests such as termites and carpenter ants.

3. Avoids Serious Injuries

Hanging branches on dead trees can fall at any time and injure whoever is walking near them. They can also uproot and fall over, again resulting in serious if not fatal injuries and expensive medical bills. Your insurance company will not pay for medical costs if it can be proven that you knew the woody perennial was dying and did not schedule tree removal.

4. Sidesteps Costly Repairs

Not only can dying and dead trees result in serious injuries, but they can also damage your home, neighbor’s house, or vehicles depending on their location. Again, your insurance company will not cover the costs if you did not schedule timely tree removal. Rather than leaving the tree as a liability, schedule removal services quickly.


Work with the friendly experts at Rivertown Tree Service to keep your property safe and beautiful. Based in Hastings, MN, the experienced team offers comprehensive tree removal services among numerous others, including tree trimming and maintenance, land clearing, and stump grinding. Call (651) 438-3704 to make an appointment or visit the website for service details. Like the Facebook page for more tree care tips.

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