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3 Times You Need Non-Emergency Medical Transportation October 15, 2018

South Bronx, Bronx
3 Times You Need Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Bronx, New York

For seniors or those with chronic health conditions, getting around can be difficult. This is when it’s important to have non-emergency medical transportation available. Here are a few instances when you should book this car service. 

3 Occasions to Schedule Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

1. Chemotherapy Sessions

While chemotherapy is an essential part of treating cancer, it’s hard on the body. As a result, people undergoing these procedures may find it difficult to drive themselves to and from appointments on a regular basis. With reliable transportation, patients can focus on getting the most out of their cancer treatments without the added stress of driving to the doctor.

2. Physical Therapy

Non-Emergency Medical TransportationPeople who’ve experienced extended illnesses or serious physical injuries are often prescribed physical therapy as a part of the healing process. If you can’t drive to therapy appointments, you may need to rely on the service of others, which might not be readily available. As an alternative, schedule a driver to take you to and from your sessions with the therapist. That way, you can focus on a successful recovery.  

3. Doctor’s Appointments

For older people without vehicles, keeping up with doctor’s appointments can be tough. This is especially true for seniors with extensive health needs, who may have numerous appointments at different clinics and hospitals. Medical transportation service ensures that you or your loved one can get where they need to go, whether it’s a few streets away or across town.


To book non-emergency medication transportation in New York City, contact the team at Metro Luxury. They also offer other transportation services, including airport car service, so you can get to your flights on time. Drivers available 24/7, so their customers’ needs are always met. To schedule a car to take you to a doctor’s appointment, call (718) 665-4900. Visit them online to learn more about their services.

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