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3 Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothes From Changing Shape September 28, 2018

Lithonia, DeKalb
3 Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothes From Changing Shape, Lithonia, Georgia

It’s never fun to find out the sweater you once loved has shrunk or the jeans you used to wear no longer fit right. Fortunately, by knowing a few key laundry tips, you might be able to prevent both stretching and shrinking. Here are a few ways to keep your clothes shapely and comfortable. 

Laundry Tips to Keep Clothes in Better Condition

1. Read Care Labels Carefully

Every type of fabric requires slightly different care, which is why manufacturers typically include laundering instructions written on a small tag sewn onto each garment. Although many people are unfamiliar with those triangular laundry symbols, you can decode those messages by checking online, or flip the tag over for a written description of care. After you read laundry instructions, follow those recommendations to the letter of the law to prevent stretching and shrinking. 

2. Use Cooler Water Temperatures 

laundry tipsCertain fibers can “felt” when they are exposed to hot temperatures. During this process, the fibers compress in on themselves, causing the entire garment to shrink slightly. Both warm water and hot water can cause felting, although clothing washed in warm water may not shrink until it has been washed multiple times. To prevent this very real phenomenon, try to use cold water as much as possible to prevent shrinking. 

3. Opt for the Gentle Cycle

On the other hand, aggressive agitation can stretch fibers out, leading to poorly fitting clothing. As a general rule of thumb, treat all clothing with extreme care in the wash, and try to clean clothing as gently as possible. Use the gentle cycle for items that require extreme care, such as sweaters, embroidered clothing, or anything that contains sequins or loosely woven materials. 


Clean your clothes without causing collateral damage today by heading to Evans Mill Laundry in Lithonia, GA. With complimentary Wi-Fi and a bright, welcoming environment, you can get all of your laundry done at once while you surf the web, play video games, or read a book. To sign up for free laundry tips, visit them online or give them a call at (770) 484-9974.

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