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What Is the ‘Red Tide” & Has It Impacted Gulf Shores, AL? September 13, 2018

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What Is the ‘Red Tide” & Has It Impacted Gulf Shores, AL?, Orange Beach, Alabama

Each summer, clusters of algal blooms show up in waterways surrounding some of Florida’s coastal areas. Known as harmful algal blooms (HABs), these plants can turn the water red, producing what the locals call the “red tide.” Here is a helpful guide on what happens when the red tide occurs and how beach homes and other properties in Gulf Shores, AL, are protected from the algae.

What Is the Red Tide?

This natural phenomenon occurs when certain species of microscopic algae grow in large numbers, mainly in coastal waters around Florida. The proliferation can produce toxins that are known to kill fish, birds, and marine mammals. As the algae spreads, it causes the water to turn a reddish shade.

The toxins released by the HABs can also make it difficult to breathe in the affected region. When the red tide is present, scientists quarantine the area to prevent potential exposure to humans. While illnesses caused by the algae blooms are especially rare, authorities prefer to err on the side of caution.

Gulf Shores Is Protected

According to state wildlife officials, beach homes in Gulf Shores, AL, are not affected by the red tide. That’s because the community is not located in the area where the algae blooms are present. In fact, Gulf Shores is more than 500 miles northwest of the Florida areas impacted by the red tide. Owners and potential buyers of beach homes, vacation rental homes, and other properties are situated in safe zones. In addition, the Alabama Department of Public Health and federal agencies constantly monitor water quality to keep the public informed.


As the area’s premier agency for beach home sales throughout Alabama’s Gulf Coast, Sugar Sands Realty & Management, Inc. in Orange Beach, AL is 100% committed to safety and precaution. The locally-owned firm always provides buyers and renters with accurate and official information on environmental issues. This includes the red tide, which at the present time, is not affecting the Gulf Shores area. If you have questions about this summer condition, call (251) 974-1672 and a friendly agent will gladly share the latest updates. Visit the website for information on current properties for sale and vacation rental specials.

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