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Well Inspection Professionals Share Top 3 Water Quality Issues September 11, 2018

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Well Inspection Professionals Share Top 3 Water Quality Issues, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

One of the most important features of a healthy home is clean water. Without clean water, individuals and families are at serious risk of growing ill in a variety of ways. Some of these water qualities issues are more prominent than others—scourges that are consistently contaminating supplies throughout the country. Luisier Drilling, well inspection professionals in Oconto Falls, WI, shares a few of the most frequent sources of water contamination. 

3 Dangerous Water Quality Issues

1. Lead

Water contaminated by lead was in the national spotlight in 2015 when residents of Flint, MI, spoke out about the reddish-orange water that had been coming through their pipes. It turns out a rerouting of the city's water supply via the Flint River resulted in contamination by lead, a toxic metal with a host of negative health effects, including high blood pressure and kidney damage. 

2. Arsenic

well inspectionArsenic can infiltrate water supplies via industrial emissions and agricultural pollution and runoff. Unlike lead, which poses dozens of different health risks, arsenic is largely associated with a single hazard—an increased risk of cancer. 

3. Nitrates

Nitrates are contaminants that typically come from agricultural waste, including fertilizer and animal waste, and nearby septic systems. Because nitrate contamination often stems from industrial agriculture, it poses a larger threat to those living in rural areas who are connected to well water. Nitrates have been found to pose multiple health risks to infants, including hampering their ability to inhale and adequately process oxygen. 

Those individuals who want a well drilled but are concerned about the risk of water contamination can rest assured they're in good hands with the seasoned professionals at Luisier Drilling. The company has been around for over 80 years and consequently possess an incomparable level of experience with well inspections and drilling, water irrigation, and sump pump installation. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call the well inspection professionals directly at (920) 848-5239. 

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