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Tips on Promoting Fire Safety From a Rental Services Company October 3, 2018

Keewaydin, Minneapolis
Tips on Promoting Fire Safety From a Rental Services Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

In an instant, a fire can devastate lives and cost untold property damage. While not all fires can be prevented, it’s important for managers and owners of rental properties to emphasize proper fire safety to their tenants. As a trusted provider of rental services in Minneapolis, Twin Cities Home Rental recommends the following advice to ensure your tenants and property remain safe and secure.

Maintain Smoke Alarms

Rental ServicesState and local laws stipulate all properties should be outfitted with working smoke alarms. If you’re a property owner you must ensure alarms are placed appropriately, such as on every floor, in all bedrooms, and adjacent hallways. However, your tenants will be responsible for maintaining alarms by testing them once a month. If there are any issues, smoke alarms should be replaced immediately.

Access to Fire Extinguishers

While it’s not always mandatory that landlords provide fire extinguishers, it’s still highly recommended by rental services companies. Make sure your tenants know how to use extinguishers and be sure to keep up on necessary maintenance. For multi-level homes, there should be a fire extinguisher on every floor.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Property owners are responsible for ensuring their tenants remain safe. Encouraging your tenants to create a reliable fire evacuation plan is just one way to do so, which will help inhabitants make their way out of the home should a fire occur. There are many different components to a solid fire plan; all members of the household should know where fire extinguishers are located, the best ways to vacate the home, and where the family will meet after an evacuation.

Property owners can use all the help that’s available. This is especially true when it comes to instilling the importance of fire safety to your tenants. Twin Cities Home Rental can help with this and so much more, which is why they’re regarded as the premier property management company in Minneapolis. If you’d like to speak to a representative about your specific needs, feel free to call (612) 822-4663 today. You can also see the complete listing of rental services for yourself by visiting the website.

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