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4 Ways After-School Care Enhances a Child’s Education October 3, 2018

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4 Ways After-School Care Enhances a Child’s Education, St. Peters, Missouri

It’s not uncommon for working parents to get tied up in their full-time jobs, which sometimes extend well beyond the usual hours. This scenario is a major cause for concern for families that have school-age children who need proper care once they get out of school. This is where an excellent after-school care program can play an important role in your children’s safety and development. Below are some of the ways it can benefit your kids.

How After-School Care Can Help Your Kids

1. Improves Study Habits

after-school careIn addition to providing assistance on lessons, some after-school care facilities also offer homework help. You’re assured that your children will finish their work before going home so you can spend quality time with them after a long day.

2. Keeps Children Active

With plenty of play choices, your kids will have many opportunities to be active in an after-school care facility. There is also more adult supervision compared to a school playground, making it a safer space for free play and easy participation in games or structured activities.

3. Improves Social Skills

Since younger kids are still not too familiar with the concept of socializing, it’s crucial to develop their skills early on. One way to do this is by enrolling them in a place where they can meet and interact with children of the same age group. Your kids will eventually have an easier time communicating with others and treating them with respect.

4. Builds Self-Confidence

Putting your kid in an after-school care facility allows them to meet other children in a different environment. Interacting with peers and friends other than their classmates can boost their confidence, knowing that they belong in another community. A good facility also encourages your child to be more open in trying out new activities without fear.


Consider enrolling your children in an excellent after-school care program at Great Beginnings in St. Charles or Cottleville, MO. With their team of licensed child care staff, they can ensure proper child development using a balanced curriculum and well-thought-out programs. Call them at (636) 724-5048 or (636) 447-4212 for inquiries about their day care service or visit their website today.

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