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A Guide to Mattress Toppers September 24, 2018

Mason, Warren
A Guide to Mattress Toppers, Mason, Ohio

The key to getting a deep, restful sleep is a comfy bed. But if replacing it means having to spend a significant amount of money, consider investing in a mattress topper instead to achieve something on the same level as hotel bedding. Mattress toppers come in different materials to help regulate body temperature and provide extra body support for better posture as you sleep. Below is a brief guide to get you started.

What Are Mattress Toppers?

Toppers often get confused with mattress pads and protectors since they are all laid atop the bed. But mattress toppers are the thickest among the three and provide the best cushioning. They are, however, not waterproof and lack the protective covering against dust mites and allergens that mattress protectors and pads have. You can place a protector over the mattress topper as an extra buffer to prevent fluids and mites from reaching the bed.

Why You Should Invest in One

Mattresses are known to lose their cushioning support and become harder to sleep on as they near the end of their service lives. Rather than tossing them out and investing in a pricey replacement, you can continue using them by buying a mattress topper for extra comfort. Some toppers, particularly those made from memory foam or latex, can even provide relief from painful back and neck problems by correcting your sleeping posture. If your bed is too stiff for a good night’s rest, a mattress topper is also a cost-effective solution to achieve something similar to hotel bedding.

How to Choose the Right Topper

Picking the hotel beddingright mattress topper can be challenging. Determine your priorities and which type of material satisfies them, such as choosing durability over firmness. Toppers often come in natural latex, memory foam, polyester blends, feathers, and wool, and each offers different benefits and a wide range of cushioning support. Memory foam is a popular choice for its comfortable cushioning and ability to reduce motion but lacks the capacity to diffuse body heat as compared to feathers and wool toppers.


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