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Understanding the Types of Sexual Harassment November 1, 2018

Catlettsburg, Boyd
Understanding the Types of Sexual Harassment, Catlettsburg, Kentucky

Sexual harassment takes many forms, but they all interfere with the victim’s job performance, have a negative impact on their psychological impact, and violate federal law. While many examples of sexual harassment may seem obvious, other situations that may qualify are more difficult to spot. If you’ve experienced a hostile workplace or quid-pro-quo harassment, a skilled attorney can evaluate the situation and offer the legal advice you need.

The Primary Types of Sexual Harassment


Any demand or suggestion, whether explicit or just implied, of exchanging workplace benefits for sexual favors qualifies as sexual harassment. For instance, a supervisor may threaten to fire a subordinate unless they agree to engage in sexual relations.

legal adviceBy the same token, a manager or executive may demand sexual favors in exchange for a promotion, a pay increase, or a positive performance review. Because the perpetrator is in a position of authority, the employee may feel they have no choice but to agree or quit their job.

Creating a Hostile Work Environment

While a single request for a date or comment may not qualify as sexual harassment, an extended campaign of sexual contents, inappropriate touching, or other behavior may provide grounds for a complaint.

Coworkers, peers, and even subordinates can create a hostile work environment, and the behavior doesn’t have to be directed toward a specific individual. For instance, coworkers constantly making sexual comments about women in general can create a hostile work environment for female employees. If you’re unsure whether the conditions in your workplace qualify as sexual harassment, see an attorney for in-depth legal advice.


Sexual harassment victims often feel powerless, but Jeremy L. Clark Attorney at Law provides the detailed legal advice you need to protect your rights. For more than a decade, they’ve represented victims throughout the Catlettsburg, KY area, building a reputation for excellent service at some of the most affordable rates available. Visit their website for more on their sexual harassment services, or call (606) 739-6774 for effective legal advice today.

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