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5 Tasks You Should Do Before Signing an Apartment Lease September 18, 2018

Cookeville, Putnam
5 Tasks You Should Do Before Signing an Apartment Lease, Cookeville, Tennessee

Finding your ideal apartment can be quite exciting. But before moving in, there are a few details you should know before signing the lease agreement. Keep in mind that renting a residential real estate property is a long-term financial commitment that requires preparation. Not all contracts have the same clauses, and forgoing due diligence can put you in a costly predicament. Here are a few tasks to do before renting an apartment.  

What to Do Before Signing an Apartment Lease

1. Tour the Property

Visit the unit during off hours to get a feel for the neighborhood. Ask the landlord or property manager for a walk-through, so you can see the real estate’s features better and know whether they fit your needs. On your way to the location, consider the commute to determine if a lower rental fee is worth the extra transit costs.

2. Ask Questions

Before signing, ask what is included in the contract, such as monthly rates, utilities, and miscellaneous fees. Find out whether you can modify the walls, duplicate the keys, and bring in pets. Some apartments have stricter policies against these, so it’s best to know which ones you can avoid.

3. Get It in Writing

There are instances when lease contracts are not detailed; this could mean trouble in the future. Avoid long-winded disputes by documenting everything that was discussed and agreed upon—including taking photos of pre-existing damage in the real estate property before moving in.

4. Read the Fine Print

Do not, under real estateany circumstances, sign the apartment lease without reading through the fine print and checking revisions as discussed. Make sure you’re clear on property repairs, lease termination policies, renewal conditions, and pre-termination costs, in case you have to move out earlier than expected.

5. Be Financially Ready

After signing the lease, you may be required to pay a considerable sum of money upfront for security deposit and rental fees. You’ll need to factor in moving costs as well, so get your finances in order before committing. Choose an apartment that best fits your budget to avoid falling behind on rent payments.


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