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3 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Kitchen Appliances September 11, 2018

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3 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Kitchen Appliances, Walton Park, New York

Homeowners buy kitchen appliances not only assuming they’ll last a lifetime but that they’re also an investment for boosting home value. When a refrigerator or dishwasher dies, you’re not only facing a hefty replacement bill but also the inconvenience of not having the appliances in the meantime. There are simple steps you can take on regularly cleaning days to extend your appliances’ lifespans; this guide explains some of them.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Kitchen Appliances

1. Clean Gaskets

Gradually, dirt and grime build on the gaskets — the thin strips that make an airtight seal on refrigerator doors, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances — and it needs to be cleaned off. When cool air leaks from your fridge, it has to overwork to keep a steady temperature, and leaks damage your dishwasher and flooring. Wipe these down regularly with soap to ensure a snug fit so your appliances operate efficiently.

2. Use the Right Cleaners

appliancesThe wrong cleaning products can quickly damage crucial parts of your kitchen appliances. They may erode parts, damage electrical pieces, and harm surfaces. Speak with an appliance repair service about preferred products and only use those specific to the appliance that you’re cleaning.

3. Clean Fridge Coils

Refrigerators are one of the costliest home appliances to replace, and breakdowns are often related to the coils. When you clean, take time to remove dirt and dust from the coils. They can cause it to overheat and significantly disrupt its efficiency. Clean them carefully, and if you have any concerns, contact a refrigerator repair services technician.


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