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Prayer Is The Key September 2, 2018

Texas City-League City, Galveston
Prayer Is The Key, Texas City-League City, Texas

Text: Luke 18:1-8

Subj:  Prayer Is The Key

Theme: Accepting Our Rightful Place As Praying Servants

Obj:  The Christian must understand the power of praying for others.

The Characters and Symbols of Jesus’s Parable. 

  • Widow – the poor and defenseless (saints)               
  • Certain city – the unbelieving world   
  • Unjust judge – Satan

Para Summary

(1) If an unjust and rapacious judge can be wearied into giving the poor and defenseless justice, how much more will God, who is a loving Father, give his children what they need.

(2) If prayer can move the devil to behave on behalf of someone praying for themselves, how much more shall prayer move a just God on behalf of someone who is praying for others.

(3) Prayer brings the unbelieving and unjust world before the Heavenly Mercy Seat.



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