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Why Is Physical Therapy Important for Seniors? October 9, 2018

Red Wing, Goodhue
Why Is Physical Therapy Important for Seniors?, Red Wing, Minnesota

For most people, growing older means facing a higher risk of debilitating illness or injury. But thanks to physical therapy, many seniors can recover from these events to protect their bodies, mental health, and overall quality of life. If a doctor has recommended physical therapy for you or a loved one, here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in this rehabilitative treatment.

What Can Physical Therapy Do for Older Adults?

Maintain Mobility

Whether due to a slow-healing bone fracture or the effects of a stroke, poor mobility is a common reason why seniors struggle to live independently. In fact, statistics from the US Census Bureau suggest that nearly 15.7 million adults over the age of 65 have trouble walking or climbing due to a physical disability.

physical therapyPhysical therapy can help minimize mobility loss by helping patients relearn how to use body parts and stay active in a safe fashion. Through targeted exercises, physical therapists guide clients through a series of movements geared toward building strength and stimulating healing. Individuals are also trained on how to stretch and adapt movements to improve overall mobility in the face of a long-term disability.

Reduce the Risk of Future Injury

Factors such as osteoporosis, poor stability, and muscle weakness are all reasons why seniors face a higher risk of falling compared to younger individuals. And once an accident occurs, older adults are more likely to experience a second fall that causes further impairments.

To lower this risk, physical therapy is often recommended to help seniors strengthen bone and muscle tissue to support future mobility. When long-term disability is present, physical therapists can also teach clients how to use assistive devices—such as walkers or railings—to move around more safely.

Pain Relief Without Surgery or Medication

With a comprehensive understanding of musculoskeletal health and rehabilitative exercises, physical therapists develop personalized recovery programs that speed up the healing process. As a result, seniors often find that injury-related pain dissipates with regular physical therapy. Physical therapists can also treat clients with massage, hot/cold therapy, and stretching exercises to minimize inflammation and the pain it causes.


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