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Top 3 Bedding Options for Year-Round Comfort September 24, 2018

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Top 3 Bedding Options for Year-Round Comfort, Mason, Ohio

The right bedding choices will help give you a pleasant night’s rest, but often the ideal materials for sheets, pillows, or comforters aren’t the same throughout the year. Changing these major items every season can be a hassle, though. To help you achieve optimal comfort no matter the time of year and with minimal bedding changes, DOWNLITE explains some of the best options below.

3 Year-Round Material Options for Comforters & More

1. Down Comforter

No matter the season, lightweight and breathable bedding is essential. One excellent material choice for comforter insulation is down, as goose feathers are both warm and lightweight. If you need more warmth during the winter, you can always purchase a thicker or heavier comforter.

2. Cotton Sheets

comfortersEven during the winter, people need breathable sheets so that they can stay warm without sweating too much or feeling stifled. To stay comfortable in all seasons, use cotton sheets, as this material will wick your perspiration, helping you feel cool and dry. For extra warmth, you might prefer flannel sheets, which transfer more heat.

3. Feather Pillows

A pillow that always feels cool to the touch is a must-have for many people. If you’re a fan of the “cool” side of the pillow, you’ll benefit from having one filled with natural down. Down pillows are incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable, while giving your head ample support. Unlike synthetic pillows, down pillows won’t make you sweat in your sleep.

DOWNLITE, a family-owned company, has been selling high-quality bedding throughout the nation for over three generations. Whether you need a comforter for your home or place of business, such as a hotel, they have what you need for a good night’s sleep. Call (866) 931-3696 for questions or visit their website to browse their inventory. You can even use their special hotel bed finder to look up the exact bedding you enjoyed at a past hotel stay.