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3 Ways DIY Truck Wraps Often Go Wrong October 3, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Ways DIY Truck Wraps Often Go Wrong, Brooklyn, New York

While a DIY spirit is frequently commendable, installing a truck wrap is best left to a professional. When individuals take on the job themselves, they may be able to get the vehicle wrap on, but the result can look messy and unfinished. Here are three typical pitfalls that DIYers often fall into. 

Common Truck Wrap Errors

1. Peels & Bubbles

To apply a vinyl truck wrap, the surface of the vehicle must be spotless. Even the slightest trace of dirt or detritus can adversely affect the material once it’s heated and on your truck. It’s common for amateurs to not grasp how meticulous a job is needed, and, as a result, the wrap will begin peeling at the edges, and sport awkward bubbles in various places. 

2. Patching

truck wrap While the long, flat surfaces of a truck may be relatively simpler to wrap, DIYers tend to run into more trouble around edges, corners, and anything irregular. Not knowing how to approach these areas, they’ll often apply a “patch” approach, and use a different piece of vinyl for these areas. While all the surface area gets covered, the aesthetic is extremely amateur-looking since there are random-seeming patches in unexpected places. 

3. Overstretching

It’s not so easy for a layperson to gauge exactly how much vinyl they should order. Since they’re likely approximating, as opposed to having a fool-proof system that comes from experience, there’s a chance they’ll end up with too little. To compensate, many DIYers try to stretch the available material to compensate. The problem is that leads to wrinkling, bubbling, and even tears. 


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