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Why Your Unit Is Blowing Hot Air September 11, 2018

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Why Your Unit Is Blowing Hot Air, Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Summer is the most crucial time of year for your AC unit to be working effectively. That’s why it can be so alarming when the machine starts blowing warm air. But, a top air conditioning contractor like Fayette Heating & Air Conditioning in Uniontown, PA, will explain likely reasons you’re having the problem. Here is a guide to what may be going on with your unit.

Why Is Your AC Emitting Warm Air?

Faulty Compressor

It’s the compressor’s job to transfer the refrigerant needed to cool the air, but sometimes it can become jammed. The typical culprit in that situation is if you haven’t changed your air filter in a long time. In that situation, it’s more difficult for the air to escape and as a result, the compressor can break down.

Thermostat Error

air conditioning contractorWhile it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that warm air means it’s time to call in your air conditioning contractor, sometimes the most simple answer is indeed the correct one. Head over to the thermostat and make sure no one turned it up to “heat” by accident. Another common error is to select “auto,” which causes the unit to blow out warm air when the space gets colder than you set it for.

Low Refrigerant

Another possibility is that your air conditioner has run out of refrigerant. This gas is what’s responsible for cooling the air that is eventually disseminated throughout your home. There is not an infinite amount in your machine, so, eventually, it must be replaced. Since you are dealing with a sensitive gas, it’s important to have a professional swap in a new supply.

If your AC unit is still blowing hot air, feel free to reach out to an HVAC technician like Fayette Heating & Air Conditioning. With over four decades of experience, the licensed and insured air conditioning contractor is available to help troubleshoot your issue immediately. With additional certifications from Better Business Bureau®, North American Technician Excellence® — NATE — and other industry groups, you can expect exceptional service. To set up an appointment, call (724) 439-2323. Learn more about the air conditioning contractor by visiting the website.

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