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Should I Close My Inground Pool for the Winter? September 25, 2018

Troy, Lincoln
Should I Close My Inground Pool for the Winter?, Troy, Missouri

An inground pool is a big investment. Accordingly, many pool owners question whether it’s better to close their pools during winter or to keep them open. To ensure you make the right decision, here’s a brief guide explaining your options.

Reasons to Close Your Pool

The most compelling reason to close your pool during winter is the cost. Despite not using the pool in the colder months, you’ll still need to keep equipment running. That means you’ll have added energy costs through the off-season, which can be expensive. You’ll also need to consider what will happen in the event of a power outage.

Your pump may freeze if temperatures are low enough. Frozen pumps and plumbing lines will need to be addressed by a skilled pool contractor before the damage becomes too severe. Additionally, people with salt chlorine generators will need to find an alternative purification system, as these generators won’t work in temperatures below 60 degrees.

Winterizing Your Pool

Inground PoolIf you decide to leave your inground pool open through the winter months, you’ll need to take the proper steps to make sure it’s winterized. Frozen pool lines damage your equipment and require costly repairs and replacements. Prevent freezing by investing in a pool timer that also has freeze protection, which triggers a heater when temps go below a certain level.

You’ll also need to perform the same maintenance in the winter as you do in the summer months. Clear out any leaves from the water, as they can clog equipment. Fortunately, you’ll need to invest less time in chemical balancing since the cold water keeps the chemical makeup stable. You should also invest in a safety cover, which will prevent people and animals from falling into your pool.


Whether you decide to keep your inground pool open or closed this winter, The Pool Guys in Troy, MO, can help out with routine maintenance and repairs. If you’re thinking about next summer, they can also lend their assistance to pool design, for both inground and above ground pools. Visit them online to learn more about accessing available services and repairs in Lincoln County. You can also call (636) 462-7665 to schedule service today.

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