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Answers to 3 Common Questions About General Liability Insurance September 7, 2018

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Answers to 3 Common Questions About General Liability Insurance, Archdale, North Carolina

Businesses in every industry are vulnerable to liability suits, which could force you to permanently close your doors. While many business policies offer general liability insurance, many entrepreneurs don’t fully understand the benefits of these policies or how their premiums are calculated. Below are answers to some common questions you might have about this crucial insurance coverage.

3 Questions About General Liability Insurance

1. What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

general liability insuranceGeneral liability insurance protects you from a broad array of lawsuits resulting from injuries caused by you or your employees. For instance, if a defective product injures a customer or someone trips on a crack in your parking lot, your insurance policy will pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. If the claim against your company is baseless, your insurer will also pick up the cost of mounting a legal defense, which most businesses can’t always afford on their own.

2. What Impacts Liability Insurance Premiums?

To calculate your rates, insurance companies weigh a variety of factors to determine your risk of causing an accident. When calculating variables, your insurer will want to know what industry you’re in, the size of your business location, and how many employees you have.

3. Do I need liability coverage?

Even seemingly low-risk occupations like tech consulting and web design have liability risks that could threaten everything you’ve worked for. Whether you could be sued for infringing on someone’s copyright or damaging a client’s property on a job site, purchasing general liability insurance is a crucial step toward protecting the value of your investments.


As a dedicated Nationwide® Insurance agency, Phillip Kent Beck Agency in High Point, NC, provides comprehensive solutions backed by a trusted national carrier. Whether you’re a small, one-person shop or a local institution, their agents have the training and range of products to ensure you’re protected from the unexpected. Visit their website now to see some of their coverage options, follow their Facebook for more professional insight, and call (336) 434-2111 to request a general liability insurance quote today.

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