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Why Is Health & Safety Vital for a Certified Nurse Assistant? October 15, 2018

Wakefield, Bronx
Why Is Health & Safety Vital for a Certified Nurse Assistant?, Bronx, New York

Working in health care requires diligence and close contact with patients. In many settings, they may be highly susceptible to illnesses or contract them to others. As a certified nurse assistant, it’s imperative to practice safety in the workplace. Doing so ensures both you and the patients’ health, so they get the most effective treatment. Below is a brief guide to the job and why the professional’s well-being is paramount.

What Is a Certified Nurse Assistant?

certified nurse assistantA certified nurse assistant (CNA) works beneath a registered nurse (RN) in a health care setting. Their job responsibilities can vary based on the RN’s needs, but they generally act as a liaison between them and their patients. A CNA can work in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals and nursing homes to assisted living communities and home health care. They may also help doctors during medical procedures and provide basic patient care, such as bandaging, preparing medical instruments, and transporting medical materials. Professionals typically receive their medical training through community colleges and online programs.

Why Is Safety & Health So Important?

Since you’re working closely with patients, it’s imperative to stay sanitary. You could easily spread germs to those with weak immune systems or when dressing an open wound. You also need to follow protocol when working with patients with infectious diseases or illnesses. Handling medical equipment before surgery also requires cleanliness, so germs don’t transfer, and you also need to take extreme care when moving used needles and other items that may have patients’ blood on them. Doing so ensures that you, the patients, and everyone else in the hospital stays safe.


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