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3 Ways Kids Benefit From Academic After-School Programs September 3, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Ways Kids Benefit From Academic After-School Programs, Queens, New York

After a long summer spent away from their studies, it often takes kids a while to get back into the swing of things once a new school year starts. Enrollment in an academic-based after-school program will help your child excel in the classroom. English and math tutors reinforce old concepts and teach new lessons, so kids don’t fall behind. Below are additional reasons to sign your student up for an after-school program.

3 Reasons to Consider Back-to-School Tutoring for Your Child

1. One-on-One Approach to Learning

It’s natural for students to quickly grasp some subjects and need additional help in other areas. In a classroom setting, teachers might not be able to provide each child with extra attention to ensure they understand each concept before progressing to the next. In an after-school program, educators will tailor lessons to your child’s individual needs. They can address weaknesses and strengths, so your youngster learns at their own pace.  

2. Boost in Self-Esteem

Forest-Hills-New-York-after-school-programBecause tutors make sure kids fully understand concepts before introducing new lessons, your child will feel more confident in the classroom. Instead of being nervous when called on by teachers, they will be more willing to volunteer to answer questions and participate in class discussions. Kids also hone critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in after-school programs. This provides them with the groundwork to achieve higher test scores.    

3. No Distractions to Pull Focus

From texting with friends to surfing the internet, there are plenty of distractions at home to leave kids less focused on their studies. These obstacles are completely eliminated during tutoring sessions. This will get your child back into the mindset of studying to ensure they stay on top of their homework.


If you want your student to benefit from enrollment in an after-school program, reach out to the team at JEI Learning Center Forest Hills in Queens, NY, for assistance. The learning center provides math and English tutoring, as well as gifted and talented programs for kids who excel in specific areas. To learn more about academic programs in the New York City Metropolitan area, call (718) 268-2890. Visit the math and English tutors online to discover how they will help your child achieve success in the classroom.

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