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A Guide to the Benefits of Aerus Lux Upright Vacuums September 7, 2018

Seymour, New Haven County
A Guide to the Benefits of Aerus Lux Upright Vacuums, Seymour, Connecticut

From pollen and dander on your dog’s paws to mud and grime on your child’s shoes, residential carpeting can go from pristine to filthy in a matter of hours. Luckily, Aerus Electrolux of Seymour, CT, has spent years mastering the designs of high-powered cleaning solutions. Here, they discuss the benefits of their top three upright vacuum models.

The Advantages of Aerus’ Lux Upright Vacuums

1. Lux Guardian

vacuumsWhile it comes in a sleek white package, this upright L-shaped vacuum is anything but subtle when it comes to cleaning your flooring and upholstery. It contains a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which is known for capturing 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Its unique shape allows for effortless maneuvering around heavy furniture, and it contains a variety of adjustable features for use between carpet and hard floors. The Lux Guardian even comes equipped with a headlight, so you can see underneath couches or in dimly lit areas.

2. Lite by Aerus

If you’re looking to clean a small living space or invest in a vacuum you can easily carry up and down the stairs, this lightweight model is ideal. Even though it’s only nine pounds, it’s equipped with top-quality features like self-sealing HEPA filter bags that won’t allow fine dust particles to escape, as well as a headlight and a 35-foot cord. This versatile vacuum is perfect for delicate wood floors because it comes with rubber wheels and a wooden brush roll. 

3. Lite Cordless by Aerus

For spacious homes that don’t do well with limited cord length, this cordless vacuum is the epitome of convenience. It weighs a mere 11 pounds and can sustain up to 45-minute sessions on full power. Like its more lightweight cousin, the Lite Cordless also offer self-sealing media filter bags that are easy to replace when full. It also comes with a comfortable handle that provides easy access to the power switch for maximum efficiency in your cleaning routine.

For a deep clean on a daily basis, turn to Aerus Electrolux for the best quality in upright household vacuums. Whether you’re interested in a convenient cordless version, a lightweight option for a multi-story home, or a heavy-duty cleaning solution, you can find what you need from this trusted company. For more information on their wide selection—including canister and central vacuums—visit the website or call (203) 881-0910 or (203) 410-4653 if it’s after 5 pm. 

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