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This Upcoming Wellness Retreat is Empowering Women Through Self-Care September 6, 2018

Metro Collaborative
November 8, 2018 8:00AM - November 13, 2018 11:45PM
This Upcoming Wellness Retreat is Empowering Women Through Self-Care, Manhattan, New York

Do you feel nourished? Acknowledged? What about overbooked? Have you taken the time to design your life, explore what it means to be “well,” and tap into your inner strength? Most people haven’t. Fortunately, this upcoming wellness retreat from Metro Collaborative™ will help you regenerate, recharge, and return to your daily routine with a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

Warrior Camp: A Women’s Wellness Retreat

wellness retreatWarrior Camp is a women’s yoga and wellness retreat that grants you the opportunity to disconnect from daily to-do lists and reconnect with your inner wisdom and warrior-self. It takes place November 8 through November 13. There, participants will learn how to live fully in each moment, listen to your body with greater awareness, and find inspiration through living yoga rather than simply practicing asana. This playful holistic workshop aims to dispel the mind-body myth and instead foster the wholesome nature of true health.

Located at the magical Villa Serena, a boutique hotel in the Dominican Republic, this unique getaway offers endless ways to explore self-care and personal growth. For example, attendees can enjoy meditation, yoga, Zumba®, hiking, culinary demonstrations, nutrition and herbal trivia games, excursions, empowerment groups, asana workshops, ocean-side bonfires, walks on the beach, tropical smoothies, and endless laughter!

Warrior Camp is led by Integrative Health Practitioner Heidi Lyndaker, the founder and owner of Synergy Health & Wellness. Heidi has over 20 years of experience in the fitness and yoga industry, as well as a black belt in martial arts. She blends her love of therapeutic movement with her Master’s degrees in nutrition, herbal medicine, and psychology. Heidi is dedicated to empowering individuals, living playfully, and inspiring others to fall in love with life.

Call Now to Reserve Your Ocean-View Room!  

Are you overdue for some “me” time? Call Metro Collaborative™ at (609) 876-9163 or visit them online to register for this all-inclusive wellness retreat. For more on Heidi Lyndaker, check out her website.

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