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The Dangers of DIY Wills & Estate Planning September 11, 2018

Batavia, Genesee
The Dangers of DIY Wills & Estate Planning, Batavia, New York

The internet holds a wealth of free and low-cost information, including forms for estate planning documents. While cost and accessibility make do-it-yourself forms appealing, it’s wise to consult a lawyer when it comes to wills and estates. Here are a few typical problems people face when they take on estate planning without personal legal guidance.

What Can Happen With DIY Wills & Estates

Make Mistakes or Omit Information

Filling out do-it-yourself wills online can lead to mistakes that go unnoticed until it is too late. An experienced attorney’s preparation and review of a will avoids errors such as not naming a legal guardian for minor children or not describing property bequests completely and correctly.

Miss Important Tax Planning Strategies

wills-and-estates-Batavia-NYAddressing tax issues is an important part of estate planning. Creating your estate plan without knowing the tax implications can cost you and your loved ones money now and in the future. Do-it-yourself forms may not cover your particular financial situation or alert you to options that can work to your benefit, such as creating trusts or Medicaid planning strategies.

Rely on Outdated Forms

Forms online for documents including a living will, durable power of attorney, or advance health care directive might not reflect recent changes in legal requirements. Once you complete a form online, you might not find out when changes in laws occur that impact your document. Your wills and estates attorney will keep up with new developments in law and procedure, notify you, and ensure your documents remain effective.  


From his offices in Batavia, NY, Daniel R. McComb Attorney at Law offers wills and estates services with meticulous attention to detail. This dedicated lawyer ensures each document he prepares meets current legal requirements and expresses the client’s wishes clearly and effectively. Put attorney McComb’s 35 years of estate planning experience to work for you and have peace of mind. To schedule a confidential consultation, visit the website now or call (585) 343-2250.