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3 Common Myths About Real Estate Agents Debunked September 18, 2018

Evergreen, Jefferson
3 Common Myths About Real Estate Agents Debunked, Evergreen, Colorado

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial milestones most people will take on in their lifetime. Despite the wealth of knowledge that exists on the web, it’s a good idea to have an agent in your corner who can help you navigate the process and provide you with good advice. If you’re hesitant to hire a real estate agent, the team at Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, CO, are here to bust a few of the most common misconceptions about this profession and explain how an agent can help you achieve a successful transaction.

3 Myths About Real Estate Agents

1. They Are Always Late to Appointments

real estate agentA good real estate agent makes it a priority to be punctual and reliable for their clients. While unforeseen situations can happen from time to time, consistent tardiness is not common among all agents. If you do experience this problem, don’t be afraid to move on and hire someone more dependable.  

2. They Are All the Same

Despite common misconceptions, not all real estate agents are exactly alike. When searching for an agent, you should consider their background and experience. While every agent is required to have a license, their experience and knowledge of the local market can vary.

3. They Hide Information

Top real estate agents base their reputation off of telling the truth to their clients. They are also required by law to reveal all issues to potential buyers prior to closing on the home. Withholding information could put them at risk of losing their license and career, so it’s in their best interest to be honest with you.

Using a real estate agent to sell or buy a home can help you land the best deal on your property. For a premier real estate agency covering Evergreen, Conifer, Golden, or Denver, CO, turn to the team at Orson Hill Realty. Their agents will use their resources and expertise to help you through every step of the process. Call (303) 835-9895 to schedule a consultation, or visit their website to browse the property listings.

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