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A Guide to Using Brochures in Real Estate September 13, 2018

Flushing, Queens
A Guide to Using Brochures in Real Estate, Queens, New York

Real estate professionals have a wide range of duties that extend beyond simply showing homes to clients. To properly promote their services and host successful open houses, Realtors® must utilize various marketing and branding efforts that allow them to stand out. One of the most effective tools is a brochure. If you don’t yet use them to promote your services, here are some factors to consider.

What You Should Know About Marketing With Brochures

What Information Belongs in a Brochure?

marketingBrochures instantly set you apart from the rest because they show effort and interest. By taking the time to advertise a property for sale in this fashion, you’re giving prospective homebuyers an intimate view before they even set foot inside. This is why it’s crucial to include all of the pertinent details about the home. Think about what you might want to know if you were interested in buying a house. Include the address, listing price, and comprehensive description of the property. Don’t forget to include color photographs to remind prospects about the home’s most appealing features.

How Effective Are They for Marketing?

A brochure is only effective if you include the right details. From a marketing perspective, the most crucial detail of all is your contact information. Add a copy of your business card or include your name, title, business address, email address, and contact numbers in the brochure copy instead. Encourage readers to contact you, and let them know you’re available if they have any questions. With the right promotional design, your brochure can make an enormous impact on potential buyers!

Is It the Right Choice for My Business?

The businesses that make the greatest impressions are those that offer the most innovative marketing and branding campaigns. Real estate professionals have their work cut out for them in this regard. While a business card is a standard tool, it’s not nearly enough to make a lasting impact. That’s why a brochure, coupled with a card, is such a dynamic choice for your business. It’s more likely to engage a reader, and if it’s well designed it may be what ultimately helps sell a property.


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