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Why Should You Replace an Aging Heating Oil Tank? September 26, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
Why Should You Replace an Aging Heating Oil Tank?, West Haven, Connecticut

Heating oil systems are incredibly efficient solutions that provide warmth to residential properties throughout even the harshest winter seasons. However, as they age, the units become more likely to fail. For this reason, it’s essential to replace your heating oil tank when it reaches a certain age. Below is a brief guide to the topic. 

How Frequently Should the Tank Be Replaced?

heating oil tankIn most cases, an oil tank will last about 35–40 years. After this time, it’s not uncommon for the unit to develop leaks, which spells disaster for the environment and property owner. Further, if the tank is younger than 35 years old, but you notice rusting, wet spots, or other signs of damage, these may be signs you need a new system. With time, it’s wise to have the unit inspected yearly. Professionals will assess the tank to determine if it is best to replace it.

What Happens if You Don’t Replace an Aging Tank?

If your aging heating oil tank is left alone, it will likely leak oil onto the floor and in the surrounding walls. The substance is toxic to the environment and can kill nearby plants and wildlife. Moreover, the oil may seep into and contaminate water sources in the area. Cleaning an oil spill is incredibly costly, time-consuming, and challenging. Avoid these issues by replacing your system before a problem develops.


When it’s time to replace your heating oil tank, turn to the experienced professionals at Apple Oil. Located in New Haven County, CT, these professionals provide affordable and reliable oil delivery service all year. They’ll even provide same-day delivery if you order heating oil before noon, and new customers get a discount on their first oil delivery. To learn more about how they can assist, call today at (203) 934-3835, or browse their products online. Follow them on Twitter for the latest news and updates.
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