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How to Speak With a Grieving Person September 20, 2018

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How to Speak With a Grieving Person , Le Roy, New York

Whether a death occurs suddenly or was expected, losing a loved one can be extremely difficult. For those who want to help friends or family throughout the grieving process, the monument design team at Derrick Monument Company Inc in Le Roy, NY, recommends making yourself available. Here, they share a few ways to assist those you love through the grieving process.

Monument Team’s Guide to Speaking With Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One


Different people will process grief in different ways, so listen to what they have to say when the moment arises. Don’t assume that they want your input; instead, only offer advice if they ask for it. You should provide a steady shoulder for them to lean on, as this can help grieving individuals with a more effective way to manage their pain.

Validate Emotions

monument companyAs they release their emotions and express their feelings toward you, make an effort to let them know these emotions are valid. Grieving individuals will likely experience a wide variety of emotions in a single day, including depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, and confusion. Avoid making them feel judged, as this won’t help them throughout the healing process. Instead, respect their mood, allow it to shift, and validate these feelings.

Don’t State the Obvious

When you want to provide comfort, stating the obvious can actually be more frustrating for a grieving individual. Even if you want to express positivity towards the deceased, such as by saying they lived a long and healthy life, these clichés can make it more difficult for your loved one. Instead, speak on a more personal level or talk about the person grieving rather than the deceased.

After the loss of someone close, it can be challenging to handle grief. The team at Derrick Monument Company Inc will help you honor the life of a loved one. Since 1915, this family-owned and -operated company has been serving New York residents by creating unique and beautiful monuments and headstones. They also complete the entire gravestone process onsite to keep costs reasonable for customers. To learn more about the process of designing a monument, call (585) 768-8470. Visit the website for more information about their services.

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