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What Does a Metal Fabricator Do? September 6, 2018

Willow Springs, Howell
What Does a Metal Fabricator Do?, Willow Springs, Missouri

Metal fabrication is the process of creating machines or structures out of raw metal materials. A metal fabricator can use various techniques to transform random pieces and sheets into strong, usable products that are vital to a number of industries. Whether you’re looking to hire a fabrication shop for a job or simply interested in learning more about the process, here’s some of the basic information to know.

What You Should Know About Metal Fabrication

What Is Metal Fabrication?

The process starts with raw materials, which usually include small metal items like fittings, castings, wire, and plate metal. Then, a shop will use a number of specific techniques, including casting, forging, molding, and welding, to transform those items. For example, they might melt the materials down and then pour them into a mold. A fabrication shop usually employs people with various specialties who can transform the metal in different ways, including blacksmiths, ironworkers, and welders.

What Does Metal Fabrication Create?

metal fabricatorA metal fabricator can create a huge variety of metal objects, including structural materials used to construct buildings, shipping containers, tanks, boilers, and small hand tools. They can also use different types of metal to ensure that the raw materials are conducive to creating the finished product. Some of the most popular options used in the industry today include aluminum, brass, gold, iron, and steel. Certain fabrication shops specialize in a certain type of product or material, while others offer a wide variety of customizable options.


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