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5 Trendy Cabinet Design Ideas September 6, 2018

5 Trendy Cabinet Design Ideas, ,

Cabinets are more than a place to store flatware, dry food goods, toiletries, medicine, and assorted odds and ends. They are statement pieces that complete the look and feel of any room in your home — perhaps most notably, the kitchen. Cabinet trends for 2018 combine modern and classic touches to increase the uniqueness of your home.

Top 5 2018 Cabinet Design Trends

1. Mercury Glass

Mercury glass cabinets add instant beauty to your kitchen, bathroom, or other space while also providing a touch of practicality. They make it easy to see what your cabinets contain so you do not forget about anything lodged in the back. If you would rather keep your cabinet contents hidden, opt for foggy or reflective mercury glass.

2. Neutral With Colorful Ceramic Knobs

cabinetsNeutral options featuring colorful ceramic knobs found at assorted antique shops and flea markets provide a vintage flair while paying homage to one of the hottest color spectrums in home design. Cream, tan, gray, and similar tones offer the neutral backdrop ideal for assorted color infusions, such as bold kitchen furniture in various hues.

3. Black With Gold Hardware

Black provides a contemporary yet classic feel that complements almost every color imaginable. Gold hardware looks particularly stunning against a black backdrop to increase your kitchen or bathroom’s appeal, whether you wish to sell your home now or in a few years.

4. Mismatched Cabinetry

Mismatched cabinetry, such as a combination of closed and glass cabinets in varying sizes, adds a sense of whimsy to your space. Installing mismatched cabinets in assorted shades from the same color spectrum further enhances this playful yet original idea.

5. Floating Shelves

If yours is a smaller residence, you may decide to forgo the cabinets in favor of floating shelves. Such shelves are popular in open floor plans and make it easy to know exactly what you have at all times. They also provide the opportunity to get creative with product arrangements, such as stacking colorful flatware to create a rainbow effect.


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