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Veterinarian Best Practices for Traveling With Your Canine Companion September 11, 2018

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Veterinarian Best Practices for Traveling With Your Canine Companion, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

The dog days of summer are just about over. Luckily, thought, there’s still time for weekend road trips with your furry friend. Review the following list of veterinarian-recommended tips for traveling with your dog to make sure Fido has as good a time as you do. 

Tips for Traveling With a Dog

1. Put Your Pup in the Back Seat

Though it’s tempting to let your pup have his way and sit in the front, it’s far safer for him to be in the back seat. In the event of an accident, an airbag may save your life, but not the dog’s. Also, a pet can be a potentially dangerous distraction for the driver. If you have a pick-up, however, the front seat is a better choice than the back of the truck. If you have a wagon or SUV, consider a dog guard to allow a back cargo space to be Fido’s travel home. 

dog-safe-in-back-seat2. Teach the Dog to Ride

Dogs are smart, and they can be trained to ride in a car just as they can learn to shake hands, sit, or stay. Habituate the dog to the car first. Take them on small trips to the dog park or the beach, and reward them for well-behaved travel. If the only trip your dog has made is to the veterinarian, they may have learned to associate car travel with unpleasant experiences. By letting them have positive car trips, you’ll make eventual road trips a lot more fun.

3. Exercise Before the Trip

Taking your pooch for a long walk before the trip is important. They can enjoy exercise, time playing, and relieve himself. Exercise will help the dog relax and make travel easier. This is especially true if they are traveling by air and will be unable to leave a kennel for a long period of time.

4. Get A Veterinary Health Certificate

If you are planning a long trip, take the dog to the veterinarian to get a wellness exam, make sure they’re current with all vaccinations, and refill any required medicines. Obtain a certificate of health to present if necessary if the dog is flying.

5. Pack Well

Make sure you pack enough food, treats, a receptacle for water (and the water), and toys. If your dog has a favorite blanket, bring that along, too. Make sure you have any medicines your dog takes, collar, leash, and veterinarian health certificate.


Enjoy travel with your dog by making sure they have everything they need for a great trip. Animal Health Care Center North Ltd, serving Rhinelander, WI, is a full-service pet hospital. They offer vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, emergency care, dental services, and general wellness care. They also offer a full line of healthy food and treats. Call (715) 365-8387 to make an appointment or visit their website to find out more about staff and services.