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How to Decide Between a Laptop Upgrade or Replacement September 12, 2018

Downtown Akron, Akron
How to Decide Between a Laptop Upgrade or Replacement, Akron, Ohio

Even state-of-the-art laptops eventually slow down and become incapable of running new, more powerful software. If you’re headed to college this fall, you might be considering investing in a new computer, but your old machine might not be finished yet. Depending on the issues, some key computer upgrades can restore its speed and help you get a few more years out of your current laptop.

The Issue You’re Dealing With

computer upgradeUnlike desktops, swapping out components or adding dedicated cards isn’t always possible with a laptop, so your upgrade options might be somewhat limited. For instance, if your current graphics processor can’t handle 3D renders or new video games, a replacement might be your only choice. However, if the system is just slow or doesn’t have enough space to install new programs, it might need some extra RAM or a new hard drive.

Your Budget

A new laptop can easily cost hundreds of dollars—or even more if you need something that can run graphic design or engineering programs. Computer upgrades for laptops, on the other hand, are often much more affordable, especially if you just need a few parts replaced. Adding RAM or installing a new hard drive, for example, is often just a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Professional Help

Most people don’t have the technical expertise required to perform their own computer upgrades, so hiring a professional is usually the best approach. Even if you’re comfortable working with your own desktop, upgrading a laptop often requires specialized equipment and experience working with delicate parts.


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