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3 Home Security Checks to Perform After Buying a New Home September 25, 2018

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3 Home Security Checks to Perform After Buying a New Home, Harrison, Arkansas

You just closed on your new home, but now what? Before you move in, there are some steps you must take to streamline the transition and ensure the safety of you and your household. The team at Tempo Fire and Security LLC in Harrison, AR, are here to share their comprehensive list of home security checks to perform.

Top Home Security Checks to Conduct Before Move-In

1. Re-Key the Locks

home securityAfter closing on the home, the first step is to re-key the locks to every entry door in your home. You can never be sure who the seller has given the keys to during the time they owned the property. In addition to the front entry, don’t forget about the doors to your garage, storage sheds, or backyard gate.

2. Update Keypad Codes

If you have doors on the property that are operated by a keyless electronic system, be sure to reset the codes. You should also contact the security company with your personal information to ensure that they know who to reach in case of a potential break-in. 

3. Choose a Home Security System

Do a walk-through of the property, and consider the pre-existing security features. If you feel that your home would still be susceptible to a burglary, upgrade to a security system that meets your needs. You can choose from features such as home automation, CCTV cameras, and glass-break sensors.

If you need any upgrades to your new home’s security system, consult an expert. For over 24 years, the team at Tempo Fire and Security LLC in Harrison, AR, has provided high-quality installation and repair services for a wide range of security alert systems. They will work with you to help you find the security features that match your budget and lifestyle. Call (870) 741-1331 to schedule an appointment with a representative or visit their website to learn more about their full range of home security products and services.

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