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3 Tips for Dieters When Grocery Shopping September 6, 2018

Ridgewood, Queens
3 Tips for Dieters When Grocery Shopping, Queens, New York

Trying not to cheat on a diet can be difficult, especially when it’s time to go grocery shopping. With an almost-endless variety of food at your fingertips, you could easily fill your cart with items better left on the shelves. Here is a guide to ensure you pick out healthy foods at your local marketplace.

3 Tips to Stick With Your Diet While Grocery Shopping

1. Eat Before Leaving the House

marketplaceNever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Heading to the marketplace while hungry will increase the likelihood of making impulse purchases. You won’t be enticed by sugary, salty, or processed foods if you eat a quick snack or meal beforehand. If going grocery shopping is at the bottom of a long list of errands, eating foods high in protein and fiber — such as fat-free Greek yogurt, oatmeal, or sliced avocado on toast — will help you feel full longer.

2. Stick to Items on Your Grocery List

Prepare a grocery list of diet-friendly foods before heading to the marketplace. Doing so will ensure you don’t forget anything while making it easier to fight the urge to pick out unhealthy fare. Although you can write down the list on paper, there are also mobile apps you can download to your smartphone. The programs allow you to create and save shopping lists and look up nutritional information about specific products.

3. Fill Most of Your Cart With Fresh Produce

When dieting, people tend to fill their dinner plates with leafy greens, hearty root vegetables, and other fresh produce. Keep this in mind when browsing the aisles at your local grocery store. Ideally, the shopping cart should be full of more produce, lean meat, and whole grains instead of boxes and bags of processed fare. This will help cut down on your intake of sodium, cholesterol, and empty calories.


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