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A Homeowner's Guide to Carpet Backing Delamination September 13, 2018

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A Homeowner's Guide to Carpet Backing Delamination, Chatsworth, Georgia

When your carpets deteriorate, it’s usually due to a spill or a leak that leads to a stain. But sometimes the issue involves the carpet backing. Known as delamination, the condition arises when the main backing separates from the secondary backing. Below, the experts at Georgia Carpet Finishers of Chatsworth, GA, explain what causes it and how it can be resolved.

What You Need to Know About Carpet Delamination

What Are the Main & Secondary Layers?

Carpets consist of four distinct layers. The face yarn is the topmost, and it’s stitched to the next layer, known as primary carpet backing. Made with a pre-developed piece of fabric, it provides support and enhances the integrity of the carpet. Manufacturers then apply a bonding layer that affixes the primary backing to the final section, known as secondary backing. This piece improves the installation process by improving the carpet’s stability.

What Causes Delamination?

Chatsworth, GA carpet backingThe backing layers may separate when the bonding layer fails. Sometimes it’s due to poor installation, but in other cases it can happen when the carpet is damaged by water. A flood, for example, can leave the carpet soaked for days. That’s just enough time to weaken the bonding agent and cause the backing layers to separate. Even overexposure to moisture during carpet cleaning or due to harsh products can cause the problem. Heavy traffic may also eventually lead to adhesive separation between the carpet padding layers.

What Are the Signs of Delamination?

The carpet may appear frayed at the seams, or you may notice that yarn in a looped carpet sprouts up and looks stringy. Noticeable ripples might also develop. Sometimes the problem is most evident along the wall; it may pull away a bit from the edge and look frayed. In more severe cases, you might even be able to pull the backing right off with just a little effort.


Delaminated carpets can detract from the appearance of any room. The professionals at Georgia Carpet Finishers in Murray County specialize in high-quality carpet backing that helps your flooring last! Ask about their polyurethane carpet backing, which is designed to protect against potential water damage. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their carpet padding services, or call (706) 695-3600 to speak with a friendly team member today.

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