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Top 3 Senior Financial Scams to Know About September 5, 2018

Northgate, Colerain
Top 3 Senior Financial Scams to Know About , Colerain, Ohio

Scammers frequently target seniors due to their perceived vulnerability and because they tend to have more money in their bank accounts than younger individuals. Unfortunately, this leaves seniors particularly susceptible to predators both online and over the phone. To protect loved ones from harm, elderly care professionals urge people to learn about some of the most common scams. Here are three to know about.

Elderly Care 101: Senior Scams to Watch for

1. Medicare & Insurance Scams

Some scammers pose as Medicare representatives in order to garner personal information or financial details from elderly individuals. They may send emails, make phone calls, or even visit the senior at home in an attempt to secure this information. Meanwhile, genuine Medicare representatives have no need for this information, as all seniors over age 65 who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for the service. 

2. Counterfeit Prescription Medication

elderly careSeniors looking to purchase medication online should look out for counterfeit drug scams. While people of all ages are susceptible to mistakenly purchasing counterfeit drugs, this scam appears to be surging in popularity and may particularly impact the elderly. Counterfeit drugs can cause serious and even life-threatening harm. To avoid problems, seniors should always purchase medication through their doctor or a reputable source.

3. Funeral Scams

The FBI warns U.S. residents of a growing trend of scammers targeting seniors at funerals. These fraudsters may attend a public funeral service of a stranger and speak with elderly loved ones in an attempt to extort money. To do so, they may claim the deceased has an outstanding debt to pay, for instance.


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